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Contents of this document:
1) Departments and contacts;
2) Forms of payment;
3) Deadlines and Delivery;
4) Technical Support, Warranty, Exchanges and Returns;
5) Distributors and Resellers;
6) General Aspects.

1) Departments and contacts:





2) Forms of payment:

Credit Card payments
Payments should be done through Crosswire e-commerce platform.

*Products will be shipped after payment confirmation.

3) Deadlines and Delivery:

Delivery duration is an estimate of when the item leaves our warehouse.

Products will be delivered 24 hours after payment confirmation.

Crosswire is committed to make efforts to ship all orders as quickly as possible.

Crosswire has no liability related to the transport service.

3.1. Shipping Methods:

Products will be locally delivered through UPS and FREE ON BOARD (FOB), according to the rules of international trade (Inconterm - International Commercial Terms).

In this mode (FOB), the exporter is responsible for delivering the goods, cleared, on board of the ship nominated by the importer, at the port of shipment. From there, the buyer (importer) becomes responsible for paying the shipping and insurance.
This mode is valid for sea or inland waterway transport. All expenses, until the moment when the product is placed on the carrier vehicle, are responsibility of the exporter. To the importer, fit the costs and the risks of loss or damage of the product, from the moment that it transposes the ship's rail.

3.2. Delivery costs

Costs are determined by UPS.

The cost for FOB modality (Free on Board - Inconterm) suggested to the contractor, is calculated and displayed at the same time which the request order is completed.

3.3. Order of email confirmation

The order of email confirmation will provide a summary of all items ordered.

3.4. Delivery notification by e-mail

Crosswire will send an e-mail of delivery notification when item leaves the warehouse.

4) Technical Support, Warranty, Exchanges and Returns:

Firstly, it is of great importance to emphasize that:

In relation to contracts with distributors must be observed the rules of the Civil Code;

In addition to the laws specified above, Crosswire establishes the following conditions of Technical Support, Warranty, Exchanges and Returns.
in relation to the installation and operation of interfaces, Crosswire offers technical support in order to instruct the shopkeeper / dealership by phone and / or email;
installation processes and associated risks are solely the responsibility of the customer. Crosswire is not liable for any damage caused to vehicles, except those which are in our possession, which provides that the service provider is responsible, regardless of fault, for the repairing of the damage caused to consumers by defects relating to the provision of services, as well as inadequate or insufficient information about their use and risks;
to drive our support area, it is necessary to inform the code and the serial number of the product;
the product warranty (software and hardware) is 90 days from the actual delivery of the product, in accordance with Article 26, II, § 1 of the Consumer Protection Code;
the right to claim hidden defect of the product starts from the moment that such a defect is evidenced, according to Article 26, § 3 of the Consumer Protection Code;
with the deadline mentioned in the fourth item, starts the warranty contract, which shall have a period of nine months, totaling a period of 1 year of warranty;
If it is necessary sending the product for repair and verification of vices, it will be observed the following conditions:
(i) The customer must arrange the shipment of the goods to Crosswire;
(ii) After receiving the goods and notice that the defect of the product was not the result of misuse by the consumer, the necessary repairs will be performed on the product. In this case the customer will be refunded for the expenses of postage, and the returning costs of the goods properly repaired will be borne exclusive by Crosswire;
(iii) Being found that the addiction of the product occurred by the fault of the consumer, by the inappropriate use will be issued a technical report, and the cost of repair and all the expenses of postage and resending will be borne by the customer.
software updates are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. After this period, see Crosswire for servicing and upgrades and their costs;
the guarantee will be exercised in the form of technical support, technical assistance or exchange of the product, according to the need and the internal rules of Crosswire, which shall not be liable when, although alleged, the defect is nonexistent, in other words, if the defect was caused by improper installation or when there is exclusive fault of the consumer or a third party, according to legal provision of Article 12, § 3, sections II and III of the Consumer Protection Code;
the attendance technical support is not covered with the product purchase. The Crosswire offers the service of attendance technical support upon approval of the budget of the service, by the customer, and the availability of the Crosswire technician;
if the technical support department of Crosswire identifies the need for the product to return, rests entirely to the Crosswire the laboratory testing for the decision to repair or replacement;
if necessary exchange, it is essential that the product submitted for exchange be accompanied by the following notations: name of the person who previously spoke with in Crosswire; presenting problem; product code, serial number, shipping way. Keep sending / delivery protocol to Crosswire.
products with safety seal broken, unsealed or without serial number, loses the guarantee and the exchange right, as legal support Article 12, § 3, III of the Consumer Protection Code, that is, it will have loss of warranty by exclusive fault of the consumer or a third party;
the support offered by Crosswire is specifically for the first installation of the products. Once installed, if are removed and reused in other vehicles, Crosswire does not offer any kind of support, exempting itself from all and any and liability in these cases;
working supported by the Consumer Protection Code (Law No. 8078 of September 11th, 1990), the Crosswire only makes returns and / or exchanges if they are provided by the legal determination.

5) Distributors and Resellers:

Purchases made through distributors / resellers of Crosswire are also subject to the commercial policies of these partners;
The policies practiced by the distributors / resellers are borne exclusively by them and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Crosswire;
In any relationship of exchange, warranty and / or technical support the drive must occur primarily and directly with the distributors / resellers of Crosswire, where the products were purchased.

6) General Aspects:

Negotiation between shopkeeper/ dealership and final consumer varies according to the policy of each establishment. The Crosswire does not interfere, nor is liable, for procedures and internal rules of each establishment, as it honors its customers formed, exclusively by companies, not selling directly to individuals;
Products handling within each establishment, usually, tend to vary from one company to another. Always handle with care Crosswire products avoiding physical damage to them, since we are not responsible for damage caused by negligence in the handling of our parts and implements, once this makes it impossible to identify the reasons for any operating difficulties;
Always inform the final consumer about our trade policy. Be careful for the trading be established previously and every financial precaution to be taken, of both parties. We do not accept returns caused by reasons of simple waiver by the final consumer with the shopkeeper / dealership;
Always inform to the final consumer that the installation of interfaces is a specialized and delicate procedure, which requires commitment, focus and great expertise. All this results in a long service time, often days. Be careful to set deadlines. The delivery of the service, and especially the definition of deadlines should not result from anxiety and expectation of the final customer;
Despite the conditions set out in this term, nothing prevents that the specific conditions for each case are established, if expressly agreed by written contract between the parties;
In case of doubt as to the interpretation of this document, the Portuguese version shall prevail over any other that may exist.

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