1.    Can I buy interfaces directly from CrossWire?
Only If you are a legal entity from the automotive industry, such as Auto Shops and Car Dealers.

2.    Does CrossWire provide warranty?
Yes, we provide limited lifetime warranty along with unlimited technical support. But in order to be able to get the warranty, our safety seals cannot be violated and the serial number has to be visible.

3.      Do CrossWire interfaces fit in every car?
CrossWire is specialized in vehicles with original factory screen and provides a specific solution depending on the year, model, and original features of the vehicle. Go to the menu FIND US and send us a message to check what we can provide for your vehicle.

4.     What can be installed in my car?
CrossWire interfaces allow the installtion of DVD Readers, Digital TVs, GPS, Rear Cameras, iPods, USBs, and Rear Screens. In other words, most of the non-original factory car devices can be installed preserving vehicle’s original factory conditions.

5.      Can the equipment installed be commanded by the original controls on my car?
Yes, CrossWire enables this integration for almost all current car models, which means controlling the commands without the use of remote control nor non-originals buttons.

6.      Do CrossWire products change any vehicle’s original factory functions in my car?
No. All vehicle’s original factory functions and conditions will be maintained.

7.      Do I lose original warranty of my car if I install CrossWire products?
No. CrossWire products are Plug & Play thus don’t interfere in your vehicle’s original factory conditions.

8.      What is the average price of a Crosswire’s product?
You can talk to one of our resale partners to know about our prices. And you can also send us a message on the FIND US menu to find the nearest partner.

9.      Who does the product installation work?
Installation service is provided during the purchase by our partners. Send us a message on the FIND US menu to find the nearest partner.

For your safety and best results of our products, installation should be done by qualified professionals. You can find our partners in the menu FIND US.
Do not remove labels and seals. It will be necessary in case of warranty;
You should check all components before starting the installation and contact your supplier in case there is something missing;
We are not responsible for any damage during installations.